Superior Gunite

Test Panels

Shotcrete applications of structural concrete elements require preconstruction testing. This is done with a simulated test panel section in which the most heavily congested area of the work being considered is mocked up into a test panel section.  Once completed, the panel will be sawn and/or cored for testing and approval.

Testpanel 1 Testpanel 2

Testpanel 3 Testpanel 4

Testpanel 6 Testpanel 7

Testpanel 15 Testpanel 18

Testpanel 16 Testpanel 14

Testpanel 8 Testpanel 10

Testpanel 12 Testpanel 5

Testpanel 17 Testpanel 13

Testpanel 11 Testpanel 9