Superior Gunite

Special Projects

On the Specialty end of the spectrum, the versatility of Shotcrete and its potential for bringing projects in on time and within budget have recently led Superior to pioneer the use of Shotcrete for sound walls and acoustical ceilings in world class concert halls with great success. Our innovative techniques and highly skilled applications make Shotcrete an economical and time saving alternative to traditional plaster and CIP.

Perhaps no other project showcases the unique capabilities and the value Superior brings to the table better than the 2,000 seat Renee and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. As part of the impressive Orange County Performing Arts complex, this world- class concert hall is a triumph of architecture and acoustical perfection. Superior was privileged to play an important role, not only in the construction, but also in providing a design solution that spared both the schedule and the budget.

Superior was originally engaged to install Shotcrete basement walls with pilasters. During the basement wall installation, the general contractor observed the speed, efficiency and quality of the installation and began to investigate whether Superior's skills and techniques might make the Shotcrete Advantage a viable alternative for the interior aspects of the main hall.

The complex design of the 2,000 seat concert hall is a magnificent orchestration of curves, suspended canopies and large reverberation chambers. While the original plan called for the use of block, poured in place concrete and plaster to construct these features, Shotcrete displaced all of these methods meeting both the structural and acoustical requirements with great success.

The superior economics of the Shotcrete Advantage were no more evident than with the ceiling. Superior placed more than 25,000 feet of overhead Shotcrete in a few days. The original design had called for plaster which would have taken weeks and weeks to apply in its multiple thin layers.