Superior Gunite

Building Foundations

Superior offers a full range of General Building services. Over the years, we have been privileged to play a vital role in some of the most highly acclaimed projects in the industry. We have had the opportunity to work with global talents in architecture and engineering. All opportunities are important to us. We value each project and each relationship and are just as dedicated and knowledgeable with a local hospital, shopping mall or affordable housing job as we are with high profile projects.

Delivering superior service, solutions and satisfaction is our primary goal.

When constructing conventional subterranean perimeter retaining walls, a lot of time and money is spent in the forming process. The Shotcrete Advantage completely eliminates the need for 2-sided forms. When basement grade is laid back, Superior's 1-sided form and shoot system saves considerable time and money over 2-sided form and place. And against retention and shoring, we completely eliminate the need for all forms.

Depending on project excavation and logistical requirements, Shotcrete methods have the flexibility of being either full height or floor-by-floor bottom-up, or top-down construction.

The Shotcrete Advantage extends beyond mere time and money, allowing us to expertly construct longer and taller walls than CIP systems that are limited by joint, bulkhead and head pressure constrains.

Properly applied Shotcrete conforms to both the Uniform Building Code and the International Building Code.

Our Superior resources allow us to accommodate an accelerated schedule on a complex project. We have more available manpower and more equipment than anyone in the industry. We are the only company that can gear up on short notice, create extra crews, and get in and get out on an accelerated or emergency basis.

Shotcrete Advantage basement walls have wide acceptance in multi-story, high-rise, and parking structure applications.