Superior Gunite


TonyFounded in 1956, Superior Gunite began its business specializing in swimming pool construction. Today we are the largest Shotcrete company in the world. Our rise to the top began when Tony Federico joined the company in 1966 and began to expand the company's market into the structural field. By 1976, Superior Gunite's founder retired and Tony took the helm as its new owner. His course remained steady through the years, pioneering the acceptance of Shotcrete as a cost effective alternative to conventional F&P in the structural market. He envisioned a day when Shotcrete would become an indispensible solution to the many challenges of all phases of construction previously dominated by conventional formed and poured in place concrete.

After proving the time saving and cost saving advantages on some of the largest civic and civil projects in Los Angeles and California, Superior began to expand its geographic reach. Superior now serves the entire continental US, Hawaii and locations abroad.

As the pioneer in the industry, Superior has developed the techniques, the applications, the methods, the specialized equipment and the dedicated team to penetrate the market and deliver groundbreaking results. One bridge, one tunnel, one building at a time, Superior and its talented team members have had the opportunity to prove the viability of the Shotcrete alternative as we have helped to build the vital infrastructure of the communities we serve.

Over the years, we have been privileged to play a vital role in some of the most highly acclaimed projects in the industry. We have had the opportunity to work with global talents in architecture and engineering. All opportunities are important to us. We value each project and each relationship and are just as dedicated and knowledgeable with a local hospital, shopping mall or affordable housing job as we are with high profile projects.

Our reputation for integrity, innovation and service has opened many doors. We have walked through those doors of opportunity with a commitment to excellence and an innovative can-do spirit.

Whether we are building the structural concrete basement walls for a mixed use project in the heart of Boston's historic Fenway district, completing an emergency tunnel repair with a 24/7 operation, successfully proving the effectiveness of a Shotcrete wall application that had never been used before in Clark County Nevada, or constructing a vital yet uncelebrated retaining wall—our dedicated teams have led the way in innovation and technologies that save time and money.