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How Strong is Superior Gunite?

Shotcrete Strong.

Superior Gunite or "Shotcrete," is one of the best concrete technology companies in Los Angeles, CA

Quality Materials

Superior Gunite uses the best materials to build more durable structures.

Experienced Team

Superior Gunite's team has more than 60 years of experience.

Unique Technologies

Superior Gunite uses concrete technology and innovation through Shotcrete method.
Our Pride

65+ Years of Experience

Superior Gunite is one of the biggest concrete technology companies in the world. Since its birth in 1956, it has successfully completed numerous public and private projects. 

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Projects Successfully Finished

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Active Job Sites

Superior Gunite built Big Tujunga Dam LA County

We Do Simple & Complex Shotcrete

We have range of services, both listed and unlisted, regarding concrete construction on our site.

Quality Services

Superior Gunite proudly works hard towards your satisfaction

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Safety First

Safety is and will always be our No.1 priority, you can bank on it.
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We make sure that the process is efficient as possible for lowest impact on the Environment.
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Material Supply

We can provide our own supply to ensure no compromise in quality of the work done.
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Company Pump

Superior Gunite owns its own pump and maintains its equipment for best results.
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Quality Check

Superior Gunite has on-site quality and safety managers to complete the project.


Even if we don't win the contract, we still like to discuss the best solutions with you regarding your project.

Latest Projects

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise printing and typesetting industry.

Shotcrete by Superior Gunite

In a nutshell

Shotcrete is the process of placing concrete at high velocity.

Shotcrete is not a product, it is a method of applying concrete that saves time, money and is better for the environment than traditional form and pour concrete applications.

The most common misconception about Shotcrete is that it's an inferior material compared to form and poor; In fact, it's not; it's the same.

The Shotcrete method is so good that after the events of 9-11, we were hired to perform several contracts to rebuild the World Trade Center, saving the contractors months of construction schedule and millions of dollars.

Superior Gunite is dedicated to being the contractor of choice on the toughest, most challenging and schedule driven projects, making a difference through opportunities, innovation, and solid relationships at all levels.

Our Reputation Precedes Us...

The best Shotcrete applicator in the Continental U.S. - highly professional and skilled, truly the best we've had the privilege to work for over the years.

Todd Belligio PLC Development

Manager was great didn’t micro manage at all. Crews were top notch and cared greatly about their work, excelled when supported. The best part was finding work and getting it changed from normal CIP concrete to shotcrete.

Josh Former Employee

Superior is always top notch in delivery and quality. Truly a pleasure working with this organization time after time.

Paul Jones

The best in the business!

Jay Simpson TPM Development

Latest Media

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise